The following request from class counsel applies only to MAVNIs in the Selected Reserve who have submitted their N-400 naturalization applications to USCIS but have not yet been naturalized.  Please note that cooperation with this request is not mandatory:

REQUEST: For purposes of the litigation, we are gathering information about class members who have completed their DoD background investigations, including their MSSD. You will know that your background investigation and MSSD is complete if (a) you received confirmation from a recruiter or other military personnel, (b) you received a basic training shipping date, and/or (c) you are a “holdover” and recently have been further accessed in the military such as moved from BCT to AIT. If your DoD background investigation (including MSSD) is complete, we request that you send one e-mail to class counsel at this address Please include and attach the following information to your email:

  • Copy of your enlistment contract;
  • Copy of your naturalization application, including N-426;
  • Date USCIS received your naturalization application;
  • Full name of Army Reserve unit, including address (and/or for Selected Reserve “holdover” MAVNIs, your service locations);
  • Location of your regional USCIS Field Office;
  • Confirmation that your DoD background checks are complete and favorable all the way through a MSSD (i.e., text or other notice from a recruiter/other military personnel, a description of your conversation with military personnel regarding MSSD decision, a photo/image of your on-line shipping notice, etc.);
  • Your basic training shipping date (if applicable);
  • Copy of your USCIS naturalization interview notice (if applicable); and
  • A description/copies of any communications with the military or USCIS concerning your naturalization application and your ability to naturalize.

Please do not send emails to this address at this time unless you meet these criteria.  For example, do not email simply if you know that your SSBI and/or CI interview are complete.  At this point, emails should be sent only if you have been informed that your CAF/MSSD adjudications also are complete.  If you currently do not meet all of these criteria, feel free to send us an email once you do. 

In addition, to help us identify all class members who have completed DoD background checks (including MSSDs), if you know of a Selected Reserve MAVNI who has applied for naturalization but was not naturalized before recently being shipped to basic training, please email us at and provide as much information as you have about the soldier, including the soldier’s name, contact information, and BCT/AIT sites.


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